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How to get to Pousada Caravelas


Pousada Caravelas is located at the "Fonte Grande" in Morro de São Paulo, about 20 meters from the island´s famous historic monument and 2 minutes from the beach Porto de Cima.


How to get to Morro de São Paulo

For the shuttle Salvador - Morro de São Paulo you have three options:

  1. the ferry Ferry Terminal, São Joaquim which goes to Itaparica, the landing place is Terminal Bom Despacho. Then proceed to the city of Valença, through Nazareth. From there leave daily many boats to Morro de Sao Paulo.
  2. catamarans and speedboats leaving from the Ferry Terminal Mercado Modelo, Cidade Baixa of Salvador. There are several departure times until 14:00 h. (The shuttle takes about two hours and costs R$ 75)
  3. and air-transportation with daily departures from the International Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Salvador.

    Estimated time: 20 minutes

    Salvador / Morro de São Paulo
    Departure: 8:00h / 12:30h / 15:30h

    Morro de São Paulo / Salvador
    Departure: 8:40h / 13:10h / 16:10h